Our professional experience and knowledge can often save you much more than our fees.

Through tax and financial planning, efficient business practices, compliance with tax regulations and deadlines, and maximizing deductions, the opportunities for us to help increase your profits and minimize taxes are endless.

We accept eCheck and debit cards as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.


Tax Return Preparation

Tax return preparation rates are based on a per-form fee schedule and electronic filing is included at no additional charge. Accounting work necessary to get tax information organized, totaled or if it is presented in any other fashion that requires additional time to prepare the return, will be billed separately at our hourly rates and will be added to the per-form fees.


Bookkeeping / Payroll

Bookkeeping and payroll preparation fees are based on hours incurred. Bookkeeping services are offered on a variety of frequencies based on Client need and preference.


Other Consultation

Large projects, IRS non-filers, and collections work require a retainer to be paid before work begins. The retainer will be applied against the hourly fees while work is in progress. Additional funds may be requested when those funds are exhausted.